Date posted: 20/12/2021

Achiever programme - Information for employers

Let us help you find your future talent

The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Achiever programme helps match your organisation with penultimate and final year tertiary students looking to pursue a career in accounting and gain work experience.

Internships provide a valuable experience for both students and employers. As an employer, this is a terrific opportunity for you to evaluate the upcoming talent and expose those entering the workforce to your company’s brand. We know that recruiting for and running a work experience programme requires time, cost and considerable effort.*

For this reason, we've designed a programme to do some of the groundwork for you. Chartered Accountants ANZ in partnership with Readygrad, an expert in intern management and graduate recruitment programmes, will identify well-rounded, quality students and connect them with employers like yourself offering paid** work experience.

Based on the feedback we received from employers who participated in the 2021 Achiever programme and to give you the opportunity to plan your year ahead, this year we will conduct a winter and a summer cohort.

We are now opening registrations for the winter and summer cohorts that will run this year. You will be able to register for both 2022 cohorts or one at a time, giving you more flexibility.

View the participating employers here.

The benefits of the programme

  • Save time and resources –by allowing us to assist with talent sourcing for a paid** internship placement
  • Identify and engage with promising talent
  • Build your employer brand with highly engaged students
  • Establish a pipeline for your graduate programme
  • Students can bring a fresh perspective and eagerness to learn and contribute to an organisation
  • Receive resources to help guide you through the programme

The 2021 Achiever programme received close to 1400 applications from accounting students and over 120 employer registrations across Australia and New Zealand.

"Ryan brought to work each day a desire to engage with his peers and clients and learn from his experiences. He would ask intelligent questions on assignments so that he could link the "why" with the "how"."
Alex Marchione CA, Director – Business Advisory and Assurance division of Pitcher Partners Melbourne: Achiever participant 2017. 

How does the process work?

Applicants will undertake an online assessment testing their verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills with benchmarks based on a norm group of thousands of assessments.

Personality profile testing will evaluate their personal attributes, values and life skills to maximise performance and contribution to the company. Additional insights will be provided through a one-way video interview assessing key professional skills such as problem solving, motivation and teamwork. These students are then matched to your organisation based on your specified selection criteria.

Timing, duration and cost

The 2022 Achiever programme has a winter and a summer cohort. The winter placements will run between June to August and the summer placements will run between November to February.

Achievers timeline

To ensure the viability and maintain our high-quality standard of the programme, we will be implementing a modest fee of $750 in your local currency for each first successful placement made in your organisation. If you wish to welcome additional interns in the same cohort, a fee of $250 in your local currency will be payable for each extra placement secured, subject to availability and providing equity to all our employer partners. Read more in the FAQs.

Building a relationship with promising talent ahead of the internship intake period could save you time and effort in the long run. After a positive work experience placement, students may commit to your organisation before they graduate. In 2019, more than 6 out of 10 students that undertook the programme stayed on within the organisation either as a graduate or continued casual, part-time, or full-time work. *** 

Key Dates

  • Employer registrations: Monday 31 January - Friday 18 February 2022
    Please note you can apply for both winter and summer cohorts or either of them now.
  • Student applications: Monday 28 February - Sunday 27 March 2022.

Find your future talent

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Feedback from employers that participated in the 2021 Achiever programme

 -The CA Achiever programme had a seamless process. It was beneficial for organisations as well as students; allow firms to have the CA connection and gives students the opportunity to gain work experience while still studying. 
James Watson, Manager - Business and Personal Advisory at WLF.

- The process was easy, and all the hard work was taken care of; overall satisfied with the process.  We have always experienced excellent Achiever candidate placements that makes us feel positive. 
Marie Nickalls, Group Finance Manager at Shortland Chartered Accountants.

- It was a good programme that allowed us the opportunity to onboard a great intern who we are now looking at offering a permanent role.  
Karolina Andrzejczy, Practice Manager - Business Advisory Services at Lifetime.

- We've had good candidates come through by the Achiever programme who were offered further employment after their internship – 2 out of 5 were hired. Great support to our broader talent acquisition processes. 
Barb Griffen, National HR Director at Cor Cordis. 


* Published 28/2/2018. Revised 7/4/2021
** The salary for student placements is at the discretion of employers and does vary from firm to firm
*** Data collected from 57 employers who participated in the 2019 Achiever Programme responding to the question – Did you place any of your candidates in an ongoing position following the completion of their Achiever Placement © 2021 Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ABN 50 084 642 571. All rights reserved.

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